Course Designs

ENGL 101: Composition and Public Advocacy

This course introduces students to college composition, with an eye toward encouraging students to connect with their communities of practice through multimodal public advocacy. Students will learn the public writing processes of researching a social problem, writing an argumentative essay to propose solutions, and designing a multimodal campaign to deliver their solutions. This course prepares students to become socially-responsible writers and designers who compose for not only academic but also public audiences.

ENGL 101: Composition and Digital Literacy

This course introduces students to college composition and academic writing with a focus on the rhetorical situations and writing processes of multiple genres, including both print-based and digital projects. Major assignments include a Wikipedia writing assignment, a researched argument, and a digital portfolio. This course prepares students to engage in computer-assisted composition through guided processes of research and design.

ENGL 202: Research Writing

In this course, students sustain a semester-long research inquiry project, through which they learn the brainstorming, drafting, and revising processes for presenting a focused argument and backing it up with credible sources to persuade the audience. This course also teaches students how to evaluate and document sources, as well as how to analyze, paraphrase, and synthesize articles to avoid plagiarism.