The following is a list of my publications:

Journal Articles (Refereed)

Jiang, J. & Vetter, M. (2020). Addressing the opportunities and challenges of a feminist rhetorical approach for Wikipedia-based writing instruction in First-Year Composition. Composition Forum, 45.

Jiang. J. (2020). “I never know what to expect”: Aleatory identity play in Fortnite and its implications for multimodal composition. Computers and Composition, 55, 1-14.

Jiang, J. & Vetter, M. (2020). The good, the bot, and the ugly: Problematic information and critical media literacy in the postdigital era. Postdigital Science and Education, 2(1), 78-94.

Jiang, J. (2019). What monkeys teach us about authorship: Toward a distributed agency in digital composing practices. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 24(1).

Vetter, M., Andelfinger, J., Asadolahi, S., Cui, W., Jiang, J., Jones, T., Siddique, Z., Tanasale, I., Xing, J., & Ylonfoun, E. (2018). Wikipedia’s gender gap and disciplinary praxis: Representing women and minority scholars in digital rhetoric and writing fields. Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics, 2(2)

Jiang, J. (2016). Actor-network theory and digital literacy practices: An analysis on the “actant-pedagogy” for composition classrooms. Journal of Global Literacies, Technologies, and Emerging Pedagogies, 3(3), 516-532.

Book Chapters

Jiang, J. & Vetter, M. A. (2021). Writing against the “epistemology of deceit” on Wikipedia: A feminist new materialist perspective towards critical media literacy and Wikipedia-based education. In A. MacKenzie, I. Bhatt, & J. Rose (Eds.), Dupery by design: The epistemology of deceit in a postdigital era. Springer.

Jiang, J. (2020). Activating multimodal public rhetoric in First-Year Composition: Exploring the potential of a social justice writing project. In J. Dahlman & T. S. Winner (Eds.), Beyond the frontiers: Innovations in first year composition. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Jiang, J. (2019). Image and learning: The story of my literacy. In S. Canagarajah (Ed.), Transnational literacy autobiographies as translingual writing. Routledge.

Jiang, J. (2016). Translingual and digital ecologies: A cloud pedagogy for second language classrooms. In B. Gurung & M. Limbu (Eds.), Integration of cloud technologies in digitally networked classrooms and learning communities. IGI Global.

Book Reviews

Jiang, J. (2020). Review of Colton and Holmes’s Rhetoric, technology, and the virtues. Enculturation.

Jiang, J. (2017). Review: Thinking with Bruno Latour in rhetoric and composition. Composition Studies, 45(1), 221-224.

Online Publications

Jiang, J. & Tham, J. (2019). Call for blog contributions: Multimodal design & social advocacy. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Jiang, J. & Tham, J. (2019). Multimodal design and social advocacy: Charting future directions for design as an interdisciplinary engagement. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Jiang, J. (2018). Teaching with Wikipedia: A webinar on critical approaches to Wikipedia-based writing pedagogy. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Jiang, J. (2018). Introduction to Jialei Jiang. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Jiang, J. (2018). SlutWalk on social media: A new materialist reworking of women’s identity. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Works in Progress

Jiang, J. (Forthcoming, 2022). Making transfer matter across digital media platforms: First-year writers’ design of multimodal campaigns for social advocacy. In R. Shepherd, L. P. Alexander, M. Davis, & L. W. Mina. (Eds.), Multimodality and Writing Transfer. Utah State University Press.

Jiang, J. & Tham, J. (Forthcoming, 2022). The thing-power of Ring Fit Adventure as embodied play: Tracing new materialist rhetoric across physical and cultural borders. Computers and Composition (special issue).