The following is a list of my publications:

Journal Articles (Refereed)

Jiang, J. & Vetter, M. (Forthcoming, 2020). Addressing the opportunities and challenges of a feminist rhetorical approach for Wikipedia-based writing instruction in First-Year Composition. Composition Forum, 44.

Jiang. J. (2020). “I never know what to expect”: Aleatory identity play in Fortnite and its implications for multimodal composition. Computers and Composition, 55, 1-14.

Jiang, J. & Vetter, M. (2020). The good, the bot, and the ugly: Problematic information and critical media literacy in the postdigital era. Postdigital Science and Education, 2(1), 78-94.

Jiang, J. (2019). What monkeys teach us about authorship: Toward a distributed agency in digital composing practices. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 24(1).

Vetter, M., Andelfinger, J., Asadolahi, S., Cui, W., Jiang, J., Jones, T., Siddique, Z., Tanasale, I., Xing, J., & Ylonfoun, E. (2018). Wikipedia’s gender gap and disciplinary praxis: Representing women and minority scholars in digital rhetoric and writing fields. Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics, 2(2)

Jiang, J. (2016). Actor-network theory and digital literacy practices: An analysis on the “actant-pedagogy” for composition classrooms. Journal of Global Literacies, Technologies, and Emerging Pedagogies, 3(3), 516-532.

Book Chapters

Jiang, J. (2019). Image and learning: The story of my literacy. In S. Canagarajah (Ed.), Transnational literacy autobiographies as translingual writing. New York: Routledge.

Jiang, J. (2016). Translingual and digital ecologies: A cloud pedagogy for second language classrooms. In B. Gurung & M. Limbu (Eds.), Integration of cloud technologies in digitally networked classrooms and learning communities. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Book Reviews

Jiang, J. (Forthcoming, 2020). Ethics is not dead: A review of Rhetoric, technology, and the virtues. (Book review).

Jiang, J. (2017). Review: Thinking with Bruno Latour in rhetoric and composition. Composition Studies, 45(1), 221-224.

Online Publications

Jiang, J. & Tham, J. (2019). Call for blog contributions: Multimodal design & social advocacy. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Jiang, J. & Tham, J. (2019). Multimodal design and social advocacy: Charting future directions for design as an interdisciplinary engagement. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Jiang, J. (2018). Teaching with Wikipedia: A webinar on critical approaches to Wikipedia-based writing pedagogy. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Jiang, J. (2018). Introduction to Jialei Jiang. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

Jiang, J. (2018). SlutWalk on social media: A new materialist reworking of women’s identity. Sweetland: Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.